Episode Six: The Experiment


Figuring out a simple, psychic experiment becomes a bonding experience when Suzanne and E.L. head to the lobby of San Francisco's Clift Hotel. They can hardly believe their luck when the perfect stranger agrees to play their game, and unforeseen circumstances nearly ruin the outcome. This Season Finale brings new understanding to why our extraordinary moments and abilities are so hard to claim, but impossible to ignore. A Season Two seems promising.

Episode Five – Chasing E.L.


It's one thing to get a reading from a psychic, and it's another to believe the information she shares. How could she possibly know anything about you? Common sense says don't trust a stranger who purports to have intimate details of your life. But what if you could interview that stranger, discuss and deconstruct their information-gathering process? What if you could ask every question you ever wanted to know about how intuition works?  In Episode Five Suzanne Clores does this very thing, by following E.L., the mysterious woman from Episode Four, across the country for a face to face interview about how the psychic process works and its uses. The answer is chilling.

Episode Four – When the Dead Speak


It's very easy to say all mediums are con artists when you don't have any data, or even a personal experience. A more interesting choice? Look into a medium's eyes, grant them permission to read your energy, and see what they have to say. Take a trip with Suzanne Clores as she does just that.

Episode Three – A Psychic's Edge in Las Vegas


At the Applied Precognition Conference in Las Vegas, luck comes by way of Remote Viewing, a tested form of precognition once used by the military but now used by science-minded gamblers in sports wagering. Drawing the pictures in your mind has never been so profitable, but does the method really work?

Episode Two – The Second Sight


The gift of Second Sight, more formally known as Precognition or Presentiment, dates back to the Old Testament and in mystical texts from around the world. But what is our modern understanding of this extraordinary ability? Episode Two reveals the recent and historical evidence of ordinary people tapping into the backwards flow of time. 

Episode One – Dearly Beloved


After Death Communication, or ADC, is a phenomenon as varied and mysterious as death itself. This debut episode journeys into the stories and science of our most precious last moments with our dead.